It’s been a while!

Major apologies, we’ve been absent without leave for a while. Turns out when you land back in the UK it is suddenly a lot harder to find 20 mins to update your blog from time to time. That or it feels like compared to towing Bea across Normandy, we haven’t really done much exciting since! … More It’s been a while!

Velobabe sans velo

It’s been five weeks or so since my last post… apologies! I was mostly catching up on sleep and trying to earn enough money to pay for the next trip. I’ve managed both and here we are in the French Alps enjoying yet more sun, cidre and sleepless nights. I’ve swapped Neil for a family … More Velobabe sans velo

Farewell France

It’s Monday morning and the last 36 hours has been a very hot blur! After my last post I went down to the harbour by an amazing chateau and watched the sun go down. We met a fantastic French family who were touring with their teenage daughters for the first time. The same family who … More Farewell France

Dol de Bretagne

​Not content with enough cycling and running short on supplies; baby wipes, cider and milk. We though we better cycle to the nearest town. Dol-de-Bretagne…. definitely a hidden treasure although you would think they’d never seen a bike in their lives. Or maybe it was my choice of attire that was shocking them…. in hindsight … More Dol de Bretagne